You might hate your parent.

Normally a child like his/her parents when they are still small.
You might hate your parent.
In the case, probably your parent did really bad things to you.

Another person says ‘You should forgive your parent.’
But it is very difficult to forgive him/her.
You cannot just say ‘Oh, yes, I will forgive him/her.’

Your parent did not have the ability, therefore, he/she could not do better than that.
Parents are not perfect. They have to learn, then their soul level can go up.

What  you need to do is: When you become a parent, you should Not do the same thing what they did to you. Your parent could raise you even he/she was not so good to you. Maybe you can forgive little bit if you think that way.


There is no English translation of his books and words.
Therefore, I translate Hitori-san’s precious words and write on this site bit by bit.

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