If you do NOT like to see a person, you do NOT need to see him/her

It is very hard that you have to see/meet a person who you do NOT want to see.

Who is a person you do NOT want to see?

A person who gives a bad feeling to you.

A person who does not fit you.

A person who cannot control his/her temper.

A person who you imagine, then you come to remember that he/she has a bad mood.

A person who uses HELL words (see the meaning on the page of 5 Feb.).


Even if you force yourself to see such person, you would not feel well.

You would not be happy after you saw the person.

The person you do NOT want see can be:

your mother, your father, your relatives, your boss, your friend, your neighbor, your colleague, etc.

It can be very difficult to avoid them.

Hitori-san tells the ‘countermeasure’ case by case (people by people).

It will be written later on this site.

One thing, remember today.

If you FORCE to see the person who you DO NOT WANT TO SEE,

you will never find happiness.


There is no English translation of his books and words.
Therefore, I translate Hitori-san’s precious words and write on this site bit by bit.

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Copyright © 2018 Translation made by REN (www.hitorisan.com)















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