Planning is done by Human, Inspiration is done by God.

Great ideas can be born from the ‘Materials’ which you have in your brain.

The good ‘Materials’ are equivalent to the quality and the quantity of knowledge.

The best idea comes from the brain which carries good quality and quantity of the ‘Materials’,

If a person does not have any ‘Materials’ in his/her brain, a good idea will not be born.

Planning can be done by Human.

But an Inspiration comes by the power of God.

If a person has lots of ‘Materials’, he/she will have Abundant ideas.

Because God will lead the inspirations


In order to receive many inspirations, the best way is reading books.

That makes your brain rich in good ‘Materials’.




There is no English translation of his books and words.

Therefore, I translate Hitori-san’s precious words and write on this site bit by bit.

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