People cannot be happy only eating bread

People cannot be happy only eating bread per day.

People want to be happy by doing something with fun/pleasant/enjoyable.

And they wan to do fun not only by himself/herself but with somebody who can be friends, partner and etc.

You can provide the ‘happiness’ to those people.
You can make a smile which is FREE!

If you are doing business and you need to develop a product or an idea,
develop it using the mind of fun/pleasant/enjoyable.

If a product or an idea was created with the mind of suffer/hurt/ache/pain,
the product or the idea will not succeed.

You can provide the business or the idea which made with happiness feeling to make people happy!


There is no English translation of his books and words.

Therefore, I translate Hitori-san’s precious words and write on this site bit by bit.

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