Count a small happiness

I count a small happiness. 1 happiness makes 1 flower blooms.

2 happinesses makes 2 flowers come out.

Try to find a small seed of a small happiness. The seed will grow and many flowers will bloom.

If you put a condition on your happiness, for example, ‘I want to become ***.’ or ‘I will be happy if I get ***.’, you will never be happy forever.

You have to think that ‘I am happy now’. Think,   ‘I can eat food.’ ‘I have a place to sleep.’

If you count such small happinesses, those become good energy and pull more happiness.




There is no English translation of his books and words.

Therefore, I translate Hitori-san’s precious words and write on this site bit by bit.

<REN’s Photo Gallery – Sakurajima in Japan, May 2013>

2013-05-20 11.15.29

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