Words from REN (Author of this blog)

This page is the words from REN (the author of this blog).

I read many books, not only ‘Hitori-san’s books. So I wanted to introduce the words of those books as well.

Therefore, I have been renting my own Server and I can expand my blog. From now on, I will update the site about Life Philosophy : renatoz.com

I wonder how WordPress will do this ‘hitori-san’s page’, because the Server is not owned by myself.

If your interested in more ‘precious words’ from Japanese authors who are not translated in English, you can see them in my blog.

I might ‘meet’ you in my blog: renatoz.com (^.^)


<REN’s Photo Gallery — Kuzuryu Shrine in Japan, 4 Sep 2019>

Kuzuryu Shrine

The picture above is taken at Kuzuryu Shirne in Japan. If you would like to know or would like to visit after COVID-19 is finished, you can find how to get there in this video.

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